Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is essentially Little League for tennis players.

Players will form teams and play against teams in the surrounding areas.  Each game they win counts as one point for their team.  The team with the most points won at the end of the season wins.

This program is available to all level players, including those that have never picked up a racquet.  For more information click the link below.

At the bottom of this page you will also see locations where both the North and South areas play.  You can click a link there a Google Map will come up showing you how to get to that facility.

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Mid-Cities Tournaments

Mid-Cities tournaments are entry level, non-sanctioned tournaments for beginner level players and are hosted around the Fort Worth area from Southlake to Burleson, Arlington to Aledo.

Players that play in these tournaments are guaranteed to play in at least two matches.  These tournaments are a great way to get your player started in playing tournaments and to learn how the system works.  For a more complete explanation of the system and how to find a tournament, click the link below.

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High School Tennis

We at Youth Tennis Fort Worth strive to provide as much information for youth in our area as possible and that includes information on high school tennis programs as well.  On the following page you will see information on who the head tennis coach is for each school, and that team's website.  We put it in one location so you would be able to find it easily.  We will be adding more information about the schools' programs in the future to help facilitate any new information that may come along.  Click the link below to see the school programs.

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Youth Tennis Fort Worth

The goal of the Youth Tennis Fort Worth website is to provide juniors all over the Fort Worth and surrounding area information on tennis specifically for juniors.  We will be updating tournament information, school information as well as our main focus Junior Team Tennis.  We are hoping that this site becomes a one-stop shop for all things Junior Tennis related.  If you think there is something missing, please contact us and we will see what we need to do to add it.

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We thank you for supporting Youth Tennis Fort Worth.  If there is something that you believe needs to be changed or added to this site, please do not hesitate to email us at:  admin@youthtennisfortworth.com and we will get back with you on your ideas.