About Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis basically just Little League for Tennis players ages 6 through 18.  Players will join teams and play other teams of like age and skill levels.  For the Fort Worth JTT league we will play at various sites including River Crest Country Club, TCU, Ridglea Country Club, Walnut Creek Country Club, McLeland Tennis Center, Arlington Tennis Center, Southern Oaks Golf and Tennis Club, All Saints Episcopal School and other sites.


Volunteers  (We Need YOU!)

Junior Team Tennis is run by its volunteers.  For the upcoming Spring 2016 Junior Team Tennis season we will need a number of volunteers for various aspects of the Junior Team Tennis leagues.  The positions we need filled will be for:

  • Team Captains
  • Division Coordinators
  • Court Monitors (8 & under and 10 & under beginner divisions)

To be a volunteer all you need is a desire to help.  Previous tennis knowledge is not required but it does help.  Training will be available for anyone who needs it.

If you would like to volunteer and help please visit our volunteer page here.

Community service hours are available for those that are looking to fulfill that requirement.

About the new ratings system

Last year we started using a rating system to place players into the respective skill and age categories.  This year the Texas Section has moved forward yet again and dropped the skill level names and started using the ratings system as the way to determine where players will play.  To learn more about the ratings system, where your player falls in it, and why this decision was made, please go here.