2018 National Track Info

In 2018 The USTA Texas Section Rules Committee decided to remove the regional level of play and to open the National Track tournament up to any team that is interested in playing.  That means that any team that wants to go to San Antonio to play and try to qualify to go to Nationals is eligible to do so, you simply must go and participate.

The requirements for each team are the same, you will need a minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls on each team and their JNTRP must fall within the required rating bands.  Since we are doing away with the regional play there is no requirement for a set number of matches played to be able to advance.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that each team take at least 4 boys and 4 girls to the tournament to have substitutes in case of illness or injury.  The format for match play is World Team Tennis format of:

  • 1 Boy’s Singles                   (Boy #1)
  • 1 Boy’s Doubles                 (Boys #2 & 3)
  • 1 Girl’s Singles                   (Girl #1)
  • 1 Girl’s Doubles                 (Girls #2 & 3)
  • 1 Mixed Doubles               (Boy and Girl #4)

The cost for the National Track is $39.00 per player.  This cost only covers the entry fee for the tournament and does not cover transportation, lodging or meals.  That is up to the individual player.