Since we are including information for juniors we are also including information about what happens in tennis life after juniors.  There are a few career pathways that a player can take after high school tennis.  Those include playing in adult leagues through the USTA or another facility, playing in Tennis on Campus leagues with a college or playing college tennis for your school of choice.  The reality of the matter is the chances of playing college tennis are slim for tennis players.  According to the NCAA only 5% of all high school tennis players promote on to play collegiate tennis.  For more information on that you can see this form. Going To College There is a website that contains more information here:  College Sports.

Do not let this information get you down!  There are a number of other avenues for you as a tennis player to continue your tennis career and enjoy this great sport.  You can continue to play in adult tournaments and leagues through the USTA as well as through the UTR.  You can play recreational leagues through tennis facilities or country clubs.  You can also play Tennis on Campus if you end up going to a college that supports it.