Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions here about how leagues work.  Here are a few that are more common.  If you don’t find your question on this list, please contact us and we will answer them for you.

When do we the teams meet to play/practice?
All matches are held on Sunday afternoons.  If you are in the 8’s 10’s or 12’s age group the matches are at 1:30 PM.  If you are in the 14’s or 18’s age groups the matches are at 3:30.  Because of the flexibility of the league the team captains are allowed to move the match times to help fit the player’s needs better.  Your team captain will be responsible for the final schedule but we set the times up as listed above.

As for practice schedules, there aren’t any.  Tennis is a sport where most players take lessons or drills at their specific facility or club and as such teams are not required to hold practice sessions.  This does not mean that your team can’t hold their own practices, however.  If you, or your team captain decides they would like to hold team practices it is up to the team captain or organizer to secure courts for the practice.  For those teams that decide they want to host their own practices we are working on creating a simple curriculum to follow to help team captains out.

Where are matches played?
If you look at the bottom of any of the pages on this website you will see a list of facilities where matches are played.  If you are a team captain and do not want to play out of one of these facilities listed below, any courts that you have access to are allowed to be played.  We have a number of high schools that are utilized for matches.  The minimum number of courts required for each match is two.

My child has never played tennis before, what do we need to do?
This comes up on occasion that a parent sees one of our marketing tools and decides they want to play tennis, or their child shows an interest and the parent has never played.  The answer on how to proceed is simple, start getting instruction.  At the bottom of every page of this site is a list of facilities where JTT is played.  Those facilities also offer instruction for both children and adults (why should the kids have all the fun???).  Contact the facility closest to you, or find a tennis coach that could be willing to come to a court near you and start the learning process.

We are also working very hard to get volunteers to help us create a “Scratch Beginner’s League”.  This league will be for players that want to play but have absolutely zero tennis experience.  We would have people out helping the kids learn how to play, while they play.  This is still in the early stages and we are not yet ready to launch, however we are working hard to get this established.

What are the requirements to be in the league?
To be eligible to play in the beginner league of JTT a player must be able to do three things:  Hit a forehand groundstroke, a backhand groundstroke and at least attempt a serve.  That’s it.  We ask that players be able to do these three things because without them, let’s face it, it isn’t tennis.  As kids play more they will get better at hitting these strokes and matches will go smoother but to get started, these are the minimums.

When it comes to the serve, we know that younger kids (8 and 10 year old) often lack the skills required to hit an overhand serve.  We ask that all players start out trying to do the overhand serve but if they absolutely cannot perform this a drop serve (before it hits the ground) is okay.  For 8 and under a bounce serve will also work.  We do ask that during your practice sessions you work on the overhead service motion for later stages.

I would like to be a team captain, what do I need to do?
There are two things you need to do to be a team captain.  The first is to pass a background check found here:  www.usta.com/safeplay.  This process may take a few days for the check to come back.  While you are waiting on it you can request to be a team captain by going here:  Captain Request Site.  Once you get these both completed, contact the league coordinator and they will establish a team for you and you can start getting players signed up for your team.

If you decide to be a team captain and need help recruiting players, on the right side of the website is an area that says, “Important Documents”.  This is where you can find flyers for the league each season.  Simply print out what you need and distribute them to players in your area.  Also, contact your Area League Coordinator and we will help you find players as well.  We can come out and talk to sites hosting lessons and drum up interest for you.

Does my child have to be a USTA member to play in Junior Team Tennis?
The short answer is, “No”.  Your child does not have to be a USTA member to play, however they are required to have a USTA number to sign up but a paid membership is not required.  For children that are 10 and under, the USTA usually has a complimentary membership available for them.  You can find that link here:  Free 10 and Under Membership