Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is the foundation of a tennis player’s career.  After a player has started taking lessons and has learned the basics of a forehand, backhand and the serve they are ready to start playing tennis and Junior Team Tennis is the best format for them to get started.  There isn’t the stress of a tournament format where if a player gets eliminated they get sent home.  In JTT players form teams of other like skill and aged players and will play against other teams of like skill and age.

Scoring is accomplished for your team by winning games (not matches like in tournaments).  When a player wins a game it adds to their team’s score.  The team with the most games at the end of the day wins.  These games accumulate over the course of a season and the team with the most games won at the end of the season wins their “flight”.  Some flights are eligible to move on to Sectionals, which means they get to play other teams from the rest of Texas!  The flights that move on are:

Flights that advance to sectionals
10 and Under Green DotIntermediate
12 and Under 1.9 and BelowFormerly beginner
12 and Under 2.4 and BelowFormerly intermediate
12 and Under 2.5 and AboveFormerly advanced
14 and Under 2.5 and BelowFormerly beginner
14 and Under 3.4 and BelowFormerly intermediate
14 and Under 3.5 and AboveFormerly advanced
18 and Under 3.4 and BelowFormerly intermediate
18 and Under 3.5 and AboveFormerly advanced

The JTT territory for the Fort Worth area is split into two different areas, the North and South.  Below are maps that show the separate areas we cover.  Dallas has its own territory as well but it isn’t listed here.

Just because you are not in one of these areas does not mean you cannot play in our leagues.  You are totally welcome to play in the leagues, however you will be traveling for the matches.

Territory Maps
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North territorySouth territory

Who should play Junior Team Tennis?

The short answer to this question is, “Everyone.”  The longer answer is, any player that can hit a forehand, backhand and a serve should be playing Junior Team Tennis.  Most players that have become accomplished players through Challengers, Champs or Super Champ levels may