What is Junior Team Tennis (JTT)?

Junior Team Tennis is basically “Little League Tennis”.  Player enroll and are placed on teams and those teams play other teams throughout their area.  Teams consist of anywhere from 4 – 8 players and are broken down into age and skill categories listed below:

  • 8 & Under
  • 10 & Under Beginner
  • 10 & Under Intermediate
  • 12 & Under Beginner
  • 12 & Under Intermediate
  • 12 & Under Advanced
  • 14 & Under Beginner
  • 14 & Under Intermediate
  • 14 & Under Advanced
  • 18 & Under Beginner
  • 18 & Under Intermediate
  • 18 & Under Advanced

Who should play in Junior Team Tennis (JTT)?

Any player that is looking to gain experience playing matches should be playing JTT.  Coaches across the nation will tell you that if you plan on your child playing for their Junior High or High School there is no substitute for match play experience.  JTT offers just that in a safe and fun environment.  Most seasons juniors will get to play 6 or 7 matches minimum and in some cases will get to play even more.  When you consider that in some Junior Highs the players only get two or three, this can add up to a great amount of experience playing.

How Are Teams Managed?

Teams are managed by a parent “Captain”.  The parent captains go through a background check and are trained in the basics of running a team.  Parent captains are not necessarily teaching professionals or in some cases the parents don’t really even know how to play themselves, they are just there to support the team and help them have the opportunity to play.

Team captains are supported by the Area League Coordinator.  The ALC will help the captains with understanding the schedules, holding practices (if the captain/team wants them) and just overall support for their team.

The team captains are responsible for assigning players each week to play their matches and recording scores as well as working on scheduling make-up matches in the case of weather events.

Do Teams Practice Together?

The answer to that is, some do, some don’t.  It really depends on the parent/captain that is leading the team and if the team wants to practice together.  Some captains want to build a camaraderie with the team so they will hold practices, others, due to the structure of the team may just forgo practices totally.

Can I create my own team?

If you have a child that is interested in joining Junior Team Tennis and they have a few friends that are interested as well you can create your own team.  The only thing you need is courts for them to play out of.  This can be a tennis facility such as McLeland Tennis Center, a country club such as River Crest Country Club or school courts such as Martin High School.  The minimum number of courts needed for a match is 2.  The more courts you have the faster the matches go.

When are matches played?

All matches are scheduled to be played on Sunday afternoons either at 1:30 or 3:30.  Since the team captains have some autonomy matches may be rescheduled for other times based on team needs.

Where are matches played?

Matches are playable at any place that has two courts or more at the same location.  This is usually tennis centers throughout Fort Worth and the surrounding areas such as Arlington, Mansfield and Burleson.  As far as where your specific matches will be played, that is all determined by what teams are created and where.  A schedule is developed based on what facilities are being used.  Once a schedule is created and published (Usually the Thursday prior to the start of the season) you will know where your matches are.  If you look at the bottom of this website there is a list of facilities generally used each season.