Parents FAQs

Here are a list of the more frequently asked questions we get about Junior Team Tennis.

My child wants to play tennis, what do I need to do?
If you are new to tennis you will need to find a teaching professional that offers lessons. At the bottom of this page there is a list of facilities where Junior Team Tennis matches are played. Many of them offer tennis lessons. Simply contact one close to you and ask them how to get started. Prices vary all over the area on lessons so be aware.

My child wants to join the JTT League, what do I need to do?
There are three options when it comes to playing Junior Team Tennis. The first is to have a facility you practice/play out of and join a team they are already forming. The second is to join JTT and be assigned to a team. The final option is to create your own team, be the captain (see below) and join that way.

How many players are on a team?
The number of players on any team is 4 and up. The max number that can play and have their match count for the day is 8. In the 14 and 18 year old age divisions the teams are required to have at least two boys and two girls. The rest of the age groups can have any number of boys and girls.

How can I form my own team for my child and their friends?
If you have the required number of players to form a team you can simply get in touch with the league coordinator for your area and ask them to create a team number for you. Once that is done you can then enroll the players into the team and start.

What is a team captain?
Team Captains are similar to coaches in other sports. The team captain will be responsible for getting in touch with their players each week to see who will be eligible to play and who will not. Once they have their attendance confirmed they will then create a “line-up” for that week’s matches. They will coordinate with the opposing team captain on how many players they will have and to ensure that the courts are secured. After that they show up on Sunday, trade line-ups with the opposing captain, watch the matches and record the stores. After the matches have been played they will then record the scores in Tennislink (The USTA website.) That’s it!

Is being a team captain hard?
Being a team captain is not difficult at all. There is a little time that is required of the captain to ensure things run smoothly but after the first week it all makes sense. ALL team captains are required to pass a background check prior to being allowed to captain a team.

When/where are matches played?
Matches can be played anywhere that there are tennis courts. The minimum number of courts required for a match are 2. If you want to form a team out of a high school, that is an option. IF you want to play out of your country club, that can be arranged.
Match times are either 1:30 PM on Sunday or 3:30 PM on Sunday. The younger ages, 8, 10, and 12 will all play early at 1:30. The older ages, 14 and 18 will play at 3:30.

We don't take lessons at any facility, can we still be on a team?
If you have a child that doesn’t take any lessons at a facility but still wants to play we will ask that you enroll like any other player. We will find a team for you or you can create your own if you have the required number of players.