Team Captains

If you are reading this it is assumed you would like to be a team captain and that’s great!  First, there are a couple pieces of housekeeping we need to take care of.  First, a background check and second you need to register to be a team captain.  Here are the links required to be a captain:

Now, after you have completed the above forms you may be asking yourself, “What exactly am I going to be doing and how can I do it?  I don’t even really know much about tennis.”  The answer is simple.  You will be helping to make sure your kids play tennis.  We have provided a weekly checklist to detail your duties here:

If, after reading the checklist and seeing what is required you still have questions, please feel free to call us and we can discuss the job in more detail.  Rest assured that we have had many a parent come as a captain that has had zero experience and after a season was over told us that it wasn’t so bad.  You will too.