Team Captains

What does it take to be a good team captain?

To be a good team captain you need to be organized and punctual.  Your team is relying on you to lead them.  You will need to be able to contact all of the members of your team each week and to help them understand what their roles are each week:  Where they are playing, what time to show up, what to bring.
You will be responsible for contacting your teammates and the opposing coach each week in order to ensure the matches go smoothly.  You may need to help your other parents organize snacks for the kids as well.

To ensure you have everything you need a checklist has been created that you can find below to help you each week.  And as always, please contact your league coordinator if you have any questions!  They are here to help.

Captain’s Roles

The role of a Team Captain is to help keep the flow of communication going between the League Coordinator and the players/parents and to organize the matches of play each week.


Here are the resources you will need to run your Junior Team Tennis team.