Rain Out Procedures

In the event that rain is in the forecast or you may be experiencing rain on a day that matches are to be played, here are the guidelines to follow.

Deciding if you are playing

Team Captains are the ones to make the call on whether the team is playing or not.  If you are parent/player and are concerned about your match, please contact your team captain and they will inform you.  The team captains will be receiving guidance from the League Coordinator and the Facility where the matches are to be played.

If the facility where you have your scheduled match is saying matches are cancelled (They have final authority due to liability) then you will be required to reschedule.  Due to the risk of injury some facilities will close the courts.  The facilities will also have a good idea on when courts are ready so team captains should remain in contact with the facility where the match is to be played.

Rescheduling Matches

If your matches are cancelled due to rain it is up to the team captains to schedule the make-up.  Every season is created with time allowed for a make-up match in the event of rain.  If for some reason this time is not sufficient matches will have to be arranged to be made up by the team captains for each team.  Get with your players and get the best arrangement of dates that you can and work with the opponent captain to agree on a make-up time.  Also remember to work with the facilities on booking courts.  A minimum of two courts is required for matches.

The main focus is getting the kids out and playing.  If you remember this when you are dealing with rain out events or other issues it will make your jobs as team captains much easier.